Workshop: Photographing with Intention at the Santa Fe Workshops

March 22 – April 8, 2021

Would you like to make fine-art photographs with purpose, photographs that transcend technical prowess to express deeper thoughts and intentions? Join Aline for this three-week, online workshop with six group sessions as she guides you you in the process of discovering how to create work that springs from a place of introspection, contemplation, and connection.

Aline presents exercises that assist you in identifying a personal vision or a subject you feel is worth exploring, and you are given ample opportunities for testing your new-found insights. To get you considering the medium in new ways, Aline exposes you to genres of contemporary photography, projects created around ideas, and projects that tell personal stories. In addition to discussing how best to present your photographs to the fine art market, Aline also meets with each participant for individual direction and feedback.

The greatest tool a photographer has is the brain. Spend six group sessions with Aline as she shares new ways of working, providing you with a toolkit of ideas for creating photographs in which you are truly engaged—and, in turn, engage your audience. Let this workshop inspire you to reconsider how you create your photographs, interpret your life and world, and bring depth and meaning to your artistic endeavors.

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