Finding Your Vision in Fine Art Photography

Mondays, 7-10 pm, September 12 – October 17
2 Session(s)

Photographers interested in exploring fine art photography need to understand what make images appealing to the art world.What sets fine art images apart from regular photographs? What kind of work are galleries and museums looking for? How do you create a body of work and stay inspired by a subject and return to it again and again? How do you creatively express your own, unique point of view, and most importantly, shoot with intention? These are important questions that we will explore in this class.

Each week we will study different genres of contemporary photography through guest lecturers, dvds, and slide presentations.We will explore strong bodies of work, and discuss why they are significant. Some of the genres explored are dreams and memory, humor, narrative, domestic landscapes, typologies, story-telling, documentary and the natural world. For homework each week,you will create work in the genre explored,allowing you to “try on” various approaches to image-making, and be given tools to help you shoot in a conscious way.

Our goal is to discover what kind of images resonate with galleries and museums, the thought process behind taking a fine art photograph, and ultimately distinct, creative ways to convey a story through our personal experiences and point of view. Unlock new energies and come prepared for a workshop filled with inspiration, fun and self-discovery.

Enrollment limit: 15 students
Workshop fee: $445

To enroll please call the Julia Dean Photo Workshops

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