Cuba with Intention: Capturing Camagüey Workshop

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I am beyond excited to be teaching the workshop, Cuba with Intention: Capturing Camagüey Workshop in Camaguey, Cuba along side Carrie McCarthy from February 4 – 12, 2018, through the Santa Fe Workshops. If you have ever taken a workshop with this stellar organization, you know that everything is well-considered, thoroughly organized, with people on the ground to make it a seamless experience.

Open to all levels, we will be bringing inspiration and ideas to go beyond typical travel photography and create work that could move into the fine art world. Both Carrie and I will be your support and partners in this adventure. It’s my first time, so I will be seeing Cuba in the way that you will be–eyes open with great curiosity.

“As Cuba moves into a new era, with cultural changes and challenges leading to an uncertain future, don’t miss the timely opportunity to explore and photograph this beguiling and vibrant island nation on a journey to better understand a people and a culture that is on the precipice of another seismic transformation.

Join photographers Aline Smithson and Carrie McCarthy on a meaningful people-to-people cultural journey to Camagüey, a city with a rich history and a fascinating culture replicating what Havana held ten years ago. Camagüey—a UNESCO World Heritage site, Cuba’s third largest city, and one of the first seven villages founded by the Spaniards—invites visitors to experience a more relaxed Cuba than is now found in Cuba’s other major cities.

Our days are full and rewarding as we engage with local Cubans in this cheerful city, full of bicycles, street vendors, and families. Two English-speaking, Cuban photographers serve as your local guides and translators offering us unparalleled access. Aline provides participants with a host of ideas for making work in unfamiliar places, providing a focus for seeing details that might go unnoticed, and considering more significant storytelling that has the potential of being an evocative project. Carrie supports Aline and shares with participants her techniques and approaches for meeting people and creating portraits that convey a true connection with your subject.

Together, Aline and Carrie lead two, group image reviews during the week that are shared with local Cuban photographers, offering thoughtful feedback and encouragement. Meals that are also shared as a group and become inspiring “food for thought” sessions.

Let this educational program inspire you to reconsider how you create your photographs, interpret your life and world, and bring depth and meaning to your artistic endeavors while discovering present-day Cuba that lives off the beaten path and outside the realm of normal tourist experiences.

True to the requirements of a people-to-people General License with U.S. Treasury Department, Cuba with Intention: Capturing Camagüey focuses on educational exchanges with the Cuban people and recording their amazing lives with our cameras.

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