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The Director’s Prize at the Griffin Museum of Photography


So excited and honored to receive The Director’s Prize for Griffin Museum of Photography’s 27th Juried Exhibition, from Director Paula Tognarelli.

The award receives a solo exhibition and an exhibition catalog for a solo exhibition. The date of the exhibition is in the Fall of 2022. The Director’s Prize photograph will be included in the 27th Juried Exhibition!

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Artist’s Talk at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center 4/29

Join me for an Artist’s Talk on April 29th at the Philadelphia Photo Arts…sign up HERE!


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It’s Negative at the Mim Gallery

On Saturday, April 10th, 2021, a new exhibition, It’s NEGATIVE, opens at MiM Gallery in Los Angeles, running through May 29th. Curated by artist Labkhand Olfatmanesh it features work by artists by Alex Turner, Aline Smithson, Jonas Yip, Odette England, Rafael Soldi, Tarrah Krajnak, Tomiko Jones, and Tooraj Khamenehzadeh. There will be an in-person opening on April 10, 2-6pm (In person-covid safe), and a Mid Run Conversation: April 25, 2 pm via Zoom — conversation and it will be recorded, and a closing on Saturday, May 29, 2pm-7, in person-covid safe.

Curator Labkhand Olfatmanesh shares her thoughts behind the exhibition:

Many of the earliest images are negatives. Fossil imprints on sedimented rock, prehistoric handprints in the caves at Lascaux, and the Shroud of Turin are all examples of pre-photographic negative images that have shaped our awareness.

Negative images record absences. In fact, many have argued that all images do this. In Plato’s allegory of the cave, people confined to a cave know the world only from the shadows it casts on the wall. They take these shadows for reality and prefer to stay in the cave because the truth of the world outside hurts their eyes and escapes their understanding.

Now more than ever we live in a world of shadows and negatives, that is, in screens and absences. And yet as images proliferate in the world and in our minds, they have begun to not only reflect but to shape the real. As Susan Sontag notes “the force of photographic images comes from their being material realities in their own right, richly informative deposits left in the wake of whatever emitted them, potent means for turning the tables on reality–for turning it into a shadow.” In other words, the distinction between negative and positive images, between shadows and the real, is breaking down.

The artists in this exhibition forge negative pathways to beautiful realities and difficult truths: Tooraj Khamenehzadeh and Alex Turner create spectral images of political and cultural borderlands; Tarrah Krajnak and Rafael Soldi wrest memory and counter-histories from forgotten and suppressed archives; Odette England and Jonas Yip explore family images as sites of remembrance and projection; and Tomiko Jones and Aline Smithson use historical processes to renew our perception of people and places. Negative images can lead to positive outcomes, the artworks in this exhibition suggest, and vice versa.

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2021 CPA Members’ Juried Exhibition

Thrilled to be included in the 2021 CPA Members’ Juried Exhibition with work selected by Juror Susan Burnstine

Exhibition Dates: April 10 – May 9, 2021
Saturday, April 10, 4–6pm Virtual opening and walk-through with Juror Susan Burnstine
and Director Ann Jastrab. Awards will be announced during this virtual reception!

Please join us as we celebrate the winning photographs from the 2021 Members’ Juried Exhibition! Our juror selected 45 images for the gallery exhibition, from nearly 2000 entries submitted by photographers throughout the United States and abroad. 50 additional juror selections will be on view on our website starting April 10. A catalog of the gallery exhibition and online images will be available for purchase.

Please tune in via this Facebook live event to hear the juror, Susan Burnstine, director Ann Jastrab, and the 2021 MJE artists talk about the works in the show while they do a virtual walk-through of the exhibition

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OPEN SHOW LA #60: California Love at the Los Angeles Center of Photography

OPEN SHOW LA #60: California Love at the Los Angeles Center of Photography
SHOW DATE: Tuesday, Nov 17th, 5:00pm – 6:30 pm
VENUE: LACP (Zoom session) Sign up HERE.

I’ll be sharing my project, Hollywood and Home!

OPEN SHOW LA #60 is happening Tuesday, November 17th, at 5pm! In celebration of the launch of the new book “California Love – A Visual Mixtape”, we are hosting, with the Los Angeles Center of Photography (@la_centerofphoto), a special online event featuring three artists from the book. As always, the event is free to join. To access the event, you must register at LACP.

Aline Smithson, Hollywood at Home,, @alinesmithson
Ryan Schude, Tableaux Vivants Family,, @ryanschude
Mark Edward Harris, Naked Hollywood,, @markedwardharrisphoto

OPEN SHOW LA is a regional organization, curating bi-monthly artist talks with the mission to Get Your Work Seen, for over 10 years. OSLA offers a platform for visual storytellers to share their projects, to collaborate and to connect artists, galleries, publishers and photographic enthusiasts.

Curated presenters have 15 minutes each to introduce one project. Both ongoing and completed work is accepted. We welcome diverse topics ranging from documentary to fine art.

About the Book

This stunning collection of 110 California-based photographers reveals a shared appreciation and alignment for all that makes the west coast state the storytelling, dream-holding place that it is. Their images are as varied stylistically as the state is geographically, and reflect the people, places, and personality that help define California. The selection of photographers mirrors some of the project’s essence at conception: together they represent a particular time and place of photographers in the canon of California photography, each looking outward at the land, sky, and people that distinguish California, each photographer finding moments to pause and in doing so, to celebrate.

California Love – A Visual Mixtape, a 320 page hardcover book,is published by Cali Editions. All proceeds from sales of the book support LACP. Regularly priced at $50, it is available for pre-order at a special price of $39.99 through LACP.

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Online Artist Talk: Aline Smithson

Online Artist Talk: Aline Smithson
Friday, December 18, 2:00-3:30pm (Pacific)

Hosted by the Center of Photographic Arts

Aline will share the artist’s talk, My Photographs are my Autobiography, discussing her journey as a photographer and things she has learned along the way.

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Keeper of the Hearth: Picturing Roland Barthes’ Unseen Photograph

So excited to have work featured in this wonderful publication by Odette England and also will also have work traveling to the Houston Center of Photography for an exhibition next year.

Camera Lucida (La Chambre claire) written by French literary theorist Roland Barthes, is arguably one of the most influential books about photography. Published in 1980, shortly before his death, the book is also a tribute to Barthes’ late mother, Henriette.

In it, Barthes discusses a treasured snapshot taken in 1898, known as the Winter Garden photograph. It is an image of Henriette, aged five, not shown Camera Lucida. Barthes describes it as follows:

“With the Photograph, we enter into flat Death. The horror is this: nothing to say about the death of one whom I love most, nothing to say about her photograph, which I contemplate without ever being able to get to the heart of it, to transform it. The only “thought” I can have is that at the end of this first death, my own death is inscribed; between the two, nothing more than waiting…” (p92-93)

The Winter Garden photograph project marks the 40th anniversary of Camera Lucida in 2020.

It comprises two parts. The first is a 344-page edited volume of photographs and texts titled Keeper of the Hearth: Picturing Roland Barthes’ Unseen Photograph (ISBN-13: 9789053309377). The second involves an exhibition of these photographs.

Artist Odette England invited more than 200 photography-based artists, writers, critics, curators, and historians from around the world to contribute an image or text that reflects on Barthes’ unpublished snapshot of his mother.

Essayists include Douglas Nickel, Andrea V. Rosenthal Professor of History of Art and Architecture, Brown University; Lucy Gallun, Associate Curator, Department of Photography, the Museum of Modern Art; and Phillip Prodger, Senior Research Scholar, Yale Center for British Art. Foreword by Charlotte Cotton, independent curator and writer.

What strikes me most about the collective response that is contained within Keeper of the Hearth is the enduring capacity of Barthes’ writing to be a creative springboard for many. CHARLOTTE COTTON

Keeper of the Hearth is England’s first edited volume. Published by Schilt Publishing, design by Cara Buzzell. Supported in part by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.

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Selected for Critical Mass Top 50

So excited to have my portfolio, Fugue State, included into the 2019 Critical Mass Top 50 Portfolios of the year. Thank you to Photolucida and to all the jurors for their time and efforts.

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Finalist in the 2019 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

Very excited to announce that I am a finalist in the 2019 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery in London and my photograph, Shaq, from LOST: Los Angeles, will be exhibited at the NPG in London from November 7th 2019 – February 16, 2020, after which time it will go on tour within the UK.

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On Death, published by Kris Graves Projects

Happy to be part of new collaborative effort by Kris Graves Projects and Humble Arts resulting in the book, On Death, which releases in October. You can PRE-ORDER it here!

Adrienne Defendi, Aline Smithson, Alvaro Deprit, Azin Seraj, Barbara Diener, Cheryl St. Onge, Christine Collins, Cody Cobb, Constance Thalken, Cook Williams, Daniel Mebarek, David Beazley, Deanne Sokolin, Debmalya Ray Choudhuri, Diana Guerra, Edgar Martins, Elea Jeanne Schmitter, Elena Helfrecht, Ellen Jantzen, Federico Vespignani, Jacob Haupt, Jane Waggoner Deschner, Jason Koxvold, Jed Devine, John-David Richardson, Jose David Valiente, Joshua Dudley Greer, Karla Guerrero, Ken Rosenthal, Kevin Cook, Kurt Simonson, Lauren Forster, Lindley Warren Mickunas, Liza Ambrossio, Lori Waselchuck, Louie Palu, Orestes Gonzalez, Paolo Morales, Paul Jimenez Thulin, Preston Gannoway, Rana Young, Riley Goodman, Sue Palmer Stone, Tabitha Soren, Tim Pearse, Tommy Kha, Tony Chirinos

“Following Humble’s 2018 online group show On Death, and their latest show, Loss, Kris Graves invited Jon Feinstein and Roula Seikaly to team up on a followup photobook: On Death, set to publish later this year. For critics and philosophers including the late Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes, photography itself was a “kind of death,” or as Sontag put it in On Photography, a “memento mori that enables participation in another’s mortality, vulnerability, mutability.” Sure, Sontag and Barthes’ waxed wisdom is decades old, but we continue to see it transcending time and shifting attitudes towards the medium. Building on the two previous online shows, the book will look at contemporary photographic takes on the end of life, not only as it passes, but conceptually and in the metaphors entangled in the practice – how time and life arrest within a frame.”

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